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The goals of Fortunate Blessings Foundation (FBF) are aligned with the emerging, unifying trend toward wholeness and connection. While the Foundation's initiatives vary widely, they are all founded on the conviction that what we commonly experience as "inner" and "outer" worlds are really one. Disharmony, fragmentation and malaise appear widespread creating ripples of suffering that impact us psychologically, environmentally, socially and spiritually. However, people from all walks of life are increasingly recognizing our interconnectedness with each other, our environment and even future generations.

With this holistic model as a base for more than three decades, FBF has offered a variety of seminars, workshops and individual services in the field of macrobiotic education, integrative medicine, natural alternative health approaches, end-of-life counseling and support, mind-body approaches to stress, distress and trauma relief, personal transformation and sustainable ecological practices. In a new era, through innovative education and community collaboration in service of individual, community and planet, we continue to promote and develop these four core initiatives:

SECOND RESPONSE Our communities are being impacted by weather-related and human-made traumatic events with increasing frequency. First responders and caregivers are overwhelmed with their own secondary trauma, and most are still following traditional practices of verbal and cognitive psychological first aid which often prove insufficient to meet the needs of children. We reach children through our pioneering PLAYshops, carefully crafted nonverbal exercises presented as simple fun and games. Backed by neuroscience and social science research, these forms of productive play adjust hormonal responses, restore body rhythms, and release muscular tension, often mitigating the onset of post traumatic stress pathologies. By training first responders, hospital staff, teachers and caregivers, we are helping these front line providers to restore calm themselves, providing them with an effective tool to address the emotional needs of the children and families they serve.

DIET & HEALTH Health is not the absence of disease; rather it is a strong connection to our bodies and minds and how best to care for them to achieve the dreams we set forth. Modern medical systems are straining under the pressure and demands from those facing life threatening illnesses amidst antiquated systems of impersonal reductionism. Without an integrative, holistic approach, powerful human potential and individual needs are often ignored. As society shifts its focus to newer models of health care, mountains of conflicting information about how to approach health and sickness can leave people confused and frustrated rather than empowered and revitalized. Modern science and research has finally begun to acknowledge how traditional foods and lifestyle changes actually strengthen the immune system and positively impact improved health. Using natural healing techniques as lifestyle choices combines the best ancient traditions, modern science and common sense.

GENTLE PASSAGE In many hospitals and healthcare settings, in spite of the presence of compassionate and caring personnel, seriously ill and dying patients are often left with unmet needs. We seek to give more attention to our relationship with the environment and the quality of our inner life at this delicate time. Little is known about the physical, emotional and psychological needs of dying patients. What is their experience? What factors are most significant before and during transition? The Gentle Passage is an initiative focused on offering programs and resources for individuals, communities and establishments like hospice care, hospitals and nursing homes that share these same concerns.

VITAL DESIGN As global climate change is a pressing reality, sustainable and ecologically conscientious lifestyles are critical and necessary.Our goal is to heighten public awareness of environmental issues, promote compassionate service to our neighbors – both human and nonhuman – and take action to support the sustainability of the processes and systems of the natural world. It is our belief that a sustainably designed world should aid us to integrate our inner and outer realities; to this end, we support stress-reducing interior design and landscaping, energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies, and, ultimately, sustainable economies, organic agriculture, and ecological conservation. We want to propel the dialogue of what a sustainable world will look like for future generations.

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Fortunate Blessings Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and a Guidestar Gold Participant.

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